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e-IRG Knowledge Base now available as a service at EOSC Marketplace

The e-IRG Knowledge Base has been published as a service at the EOSC Marketplace, available in the EOSC Portal Catalogue and Marketplace. This is an integrated platform that allows easy access to lots of services and resources for various research domaines along with integrated data analytics tools.

The Knowledge Base provides insight into the complex e-Infrastructures, by providing overviews of projects, e-Infrastructures, and organisations, all in one big data graph. You can explore this by moving around the graph, gaining more understanding of the complex relations. It provides several starting pages that focus on a different aspect as doors that unlock new rooms of information.

The e-IRG Knowledge Base can be found in the category "Sharing & Discovery" at https://marketplace.eosc-portal.eu/services or directly at https://marketplace.eosc-portal.eu/services/e-irg-knowledge-base