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e-IRG workshop in Helsinki focuses on e-Infrastructures and education

e-Infrastructures are IT infrastructures designed to help science. Most of the time the focus is on how e-Infrastructures can help scientific discovery. Science however cannot be in progress without skilled, well-trained scientists. What role can e-Infrastructures play in the scientific education and training process? That is a topic addressed in the e-IRG workshop in Helsinki.

Three e-Infrastructure areas will be covered: EuroHPC, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity. EuroHPC is the European effort, to bring Europe back in the forefront of supercomputing worldwide. One aspect is the acquisition of some of the largest supercomputers in the world. Another aspect is to develop a high-performance computing ecosystem in Europe where HPC knowledge is spread into society, by HPC centres of Competence, HPC Centres of Excellence that include training and education activities involving science, industry and the public sector. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it to the front cover of newspapers almost every week. Each European country has already defined some kind of AI policy and AI programme. At the workshop, three of these programmes will be discussed and there will be a panel on the European developments. Without cybersecurity there cannot be any functioning IT infrastructure. Two of the recent developments, quantum security and the European Union cybersecurity policy will be discussed at the workshop.

Although e-Infrastructures currently have a strong focus on science, they can also play a role in other parts of society. Lifelong learning is of great importance here. What is the role, or what can be the role of e-Infrastructures in lifelong learning? Again, this will be addressed at the workshop with sessions about Lifelong Learning in Europe and the European Union skills agenda.

The e-IRG workshops are open workshops to discuss e-Infrastructure policies in Europe and related topics. The workshops are free to attend. The workshop outcomes are used by the e-IRG in its policy advising work.

The workshop in Helsinki will be co-organised by CSC representing the Finnish presidency, and the e-IRGSP6 support project for the e-IRG. During the workshop you can follow the event on Twitter: #eirg and @eirgeu. Later, the presentations (slides and video) will be made available on the Workshop programme website: http://e-irg.eu/workshop-2019-12-programme

More information and registration for the workshop is available at http://e-irg.eu/e-irg-workshop-dec-2019