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e-IRGSP veteran Ad Emmen deceased at the age of 67

e-IRGSP veteran Ad Emmen deceased at the age of 67

It is with great sadness that the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group (e-IRG) and its support project e-IRGSP6 have to bring the news of the passing of Ad Emmen, general manager of Genias Benelux and project partner in e-IRGSP6.

Ad has been active since 2005, in the long series of support projects for the e-IRG Community. He was a highly talented person who led the Work Package on dissemination and communication for the e-IRG support activities. In this role, he conducted countless interviews with several personalities from the e-Infrastructure domain. During the COVID-19 pandemic he even set up his own virtual studio with the famous skyline from Almere, the Dutch city where his company was located, to interview his guests and report on e-Infrastructure developments.

Ad was also responsible for the recording and post-processing of the presentations during the e-IRG Workshops. He had a clear insight in overcoming technical challenges and showed great skill in the production of the e-IRG Workshop videos. Social media communication was no secret to him. He handled this in a highly professional way. 

Ad was an excellent presenter himself with a keen eye for clean-cut slides and lively talks and demonstrations. He had an intuitive feeling for reliable and appropriate conduct in digital communication and meetings. He provided the layout for various e-IRG policy documents like e-IRG Roadmaps, landscape analyses and White Papers.

Most of all, Ad was the creator of the e-IRG Knowledge Base, an innovative database which contains a wealth of information on European e-Infrastructure initiatives, e.g. it holds information on each and every project funded by the European Commission. It was his great passion to keep the Knowledge Base up to date since its start in 2005.

Partners and colleagues will remember Ad Emmen as a passionate and engaged worker. A man with a fierce temperament but with a big heart for the people, friends and colleagues he stood for. A man with a great sense of humour and a most agreeable social chat. His lively presentation for the e-IRGSP6 mid-term review in June 2020 will stay in the memory of those who attended the remote review.

His dedication to historical music is preserved in the e-IRG videos where he played a small intro piece on a lute.

Ad graduated as a physicist at the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. All his life, he was proud to be an exact scientist, he was a man of "measurement and knowledge" and he took great pride in carrying this epithet.

He will be sorely missed, and our thoughts are with his family and colleagues at this difficult time.

The e-IRG Support team