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European Research Infrastructures for a Smarter Future Conference to issue Call for Participation

Addressing the big challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change, the increasing loss of biodiversity and environmental quality, demographic changes, shaping the industrial and digital transitions as well as ensuring the long-term sustainability of the European quality of life requires a new ambition for European science.

As European Research Infrastructures form the backbone of Europe's competitiveness in science and innovation, their quality and the ability to provide the needed services and data largely determines the capacity to produce the new knowledge, innovation and understanding that Europe needs to tackle the challenges we face. The overall objective of the conference is to explore the potential of European Research Infrastructures to make a meaningful impact on the European strategic agendas and identify the ways in which this could be achieved. The outcome of this high-level event will provide a new impetus for the European research infrastructure policy, supporting full realisation of the potential of the European Research Area to drive the necessary changes in economy and society.

The conference is divided into three main blocks and concludes with a high-level panel identifying directions for future European research infrastructure policy. The presentation of the ESFRI White Paper on the future of European research infrastructures policy in the opening plenary, with its key messages, will set the scene for the discussions throughout the conference on:

  • Building synergies between sectoral investments in Research Infrastructures and the European strategic agendas
  • The role of Research Infrastructures in the mission-driven activities of Horizon Europe
  • Education and jobs: how Research Infrastructures can shape the future?
  • European Research Infrastructures for a smarter future: high-level policy panel

The Conference is open to all participants. Interested parties should pre-register no later than 17th February 2020 via the online form. All pre-registered people will then receive details on the steps required to finalise registration and accreditation. Registrations will be possible until the maximum number of participants is reached. Only the registered participants and badge holders will be allowed access to the meeting venue.

All practical details regarding the event, including accreditation, accommodation and travel are available at the event webpage.