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Policy Landscape Across Europe Workshop at EOSC-hub Week 2020

In relation with the COVID-19 situation the details of the EOSC-hub Week 2020 are being finalized. The long-awaited event is being turned into an online workshop for all participants' safety. Four INFRAEOSC 5b projects are joining forces and co-organise within the EOSC-hub week a joint online workshop, which focuses on the "Policy landscape across Europe". This workshop will take place on May 20, 2020 from 10h00 to 11h30.

The event is organized by the regional projects EOSC-Pillar, EOSC-Nordic, NI4OS-Europe, EOSC Synergy. NI4OS-Europe will be represented by Janos Mohacsi and Biljana Kosanovic.

Those who take part in the virtual workshop will get a deep insight on Open Science Policies that are being discussed in the context of the EOSC implementation.

Attendees can expect to be a part of the discussion on the current state of national open science policies and get some insight on actions to ensure national policies are in line with the development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Also, they will hear about the significance of policy harmonization and they will get to know the risks and barriers of EOSC.

The draft agenda and the registration is available at https://www.eosc-hub.eu/eosc-hub-week-2020/agenda