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Successful integration of EOSC catalogue services in the e-Infrastructure Knowledge Base

The e-IRG Knowledge Base maintained by Genias for the e-IRGSP6 project is the largest information source of e-Infrastructures in Europe. It organises over 20.000 information items in one big Knowledge Graph. The European Open Science Cloud EOSC catalogue gives an overview of the services available in the  European Open Science Cloud to researchers in Europe.

Data of the service catalogue have been integrated into the Knowledge Base. As a result, the services provided by an organisation are now listed with all the other information that was already available. This is a useful addition when one wants to know more about a specific organisation. We only include the basic information of each service (title, description, link, provider).

The process of getting data from the catalogue into the Knwoledge Base is to a large degree automated. The EOSC portal provides a programmmable API that can be queried for the service information. The queried data is transformed into a Knowledge Graph that can be merged with the large graph in the Knowledge Base.  For this merger to go smoothly, the identifications of the organisations need to be aligned. As there is no universal way of identifying organisations (there is no Persistant Identifier or PIC) the catalogue uses its own version that had to be mapped to one of the several PID systems used in the Knowledge Base.

This experimental integration demonstrates the strength of the Knowledge Base approach. It can easily absorb new types of information. It also demonstrates the usefulness of the EOSC catalogue API.

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The European Open Science cloud catalogue at:


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