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Virtual e-IRG Workshop to examine how e-Infrastructures can help address societal challenges

The virtual e-IRG Workshop under German Presidency will be organized online on 1-2 December 2020. There will be three sessions.

Each of the three sessions will address a specific topical challenge in society from different perspectives, ranging from the European Commission to the Member States and Associated Countries and from provider to user level. Each session will feature a short introduction and 3-4 presentations, followed by an interactive Q&A session and wrap-up.

The first session will focus on the Research Data Infrastructure. The second session will demonstrate how digital transformation is changing the face of the public health sector. Examples will be provided by representatives from the CO-VERSATILE project and from the Greek ELIXIR Node. The third session will show different aspects of the relationship between digitalisation and the Green Deal.  

Registration is now open at http://e-irg.eu/workshop-2020-12-registration. The e-IRG secretariat will provide you with connection details for the webinar soon.