Task Force Reports

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National Nodes – Getting organised; how far are we? Implementing e-Infrastructure Commons and the European Open Science Cloud

The focus of the National Nodes document is to analyse how the complex landscape of generic and discipline-specific e-Infrastructures is built today and to provide recommendations on how it can be further developed to fulfil the expectations on the future collaborative European e-Infrastructure system. e-IRG advocates an interoperable, federated ecosystem of domain-specific, vertical Research Infrastructures and generic, horizontal e-Infrastructures at national level in first instance, which will facilitate their federation at European level, such as in the form of the European Open Science Cloud. As such, this e-IRG policy document addresses the role of the national nodes – including their coordination with the thematic ones – in the implementation of the e-Infrastructure Commons and its instantiation as the European Open Science Cloud.

  •  pdf file of this document [pdf]

Evaluation of e-Infrastructures and the development of related Key Performance Indicators

The objective of this e-IRG document is to provide an initial framework for evaluation and assessment of regional, national and European e-Infrastructures and to develop a categorisation of KPIs for key areas/components and other cost-related information, basically for the funder and policy level.

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Long Tail of Data

This document focuses on the Long Tail of scientific data, its sustained management and storage. Its characteristics are discussed, and it is shown that the distinction between the Long Tail and Big Data is somehow blurred. Long tail data management should sustain trust in data and repositories, with as keywords data quality, certification of repositories, appraisal, documentation, discoverability and interoperability.

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Experiences of e-IRG involvement in ESFRI 2016  proposal evaluation

In the preparation for the update of its Roadmap ESFRI has decided in 2013 to incorporate questions on e-infrastructure needs in the ESFRI proposal submission form. It was also agreed between ESFRI and e-IRG that e-IRG members would participate in the ESFRI Strategic Working groups and be responsible for the evaluation of the responses to these ‘e-Needs’ questions. Another e-IRG member participated in the Implementation Group. This short report presents the collective experiences with this evaluation process and some recommendations for improvement.

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e-IRG Legal Issues

  • alt pdf file of this document [ pdf ] (published on 22nd of October 2013)

 e-IRG Cloud Computing Paper

  • alt pdf file of this document [ pdf ] (published on 30th of October 2012) 

 e-IRG Policy Paper on Scientific Software

  • alt pdf file of this document [ pdf ] (published on 25th of September 2012)

e-IRG Inspiring Future e-Infrastructures in Europe and Beyond

In this proposal for a new e-IRG Strategy, the e-IRG’s objectives will be adapted along the following
two main lines. To establish e-IRG as the main advisory body on e-Infrastructures internationally and to develop e-IRG as the coordination platform for all components of European e-Infrastructures.

  • alt pdf file of this document [ pdf ] (published on 30th of June 2012)

 e-IRG Data Management Task Force Report

The e-IRG delegates recognised the importance of data management for the future of research infrastructures and, as a result, established the e-IRG Data Management Task Force (DMTF) that received recognition and support also from ESFRI. The main objectives of DMTF were defined as producing an analysis of issues regarding data management in a coherent and flexible way, and a set of recommendations for the present and future research infrastructures. The report is divided into three parts: a survey of existing data management initiatives, metadata and quality, and interoperability issues in data management.

  • alt pdf file of this document [ pdf ] (published on 16th of December 2009)

 Education and training task force report

The Education and Training Task Force report proposes strategic actions to establish, promote and resource the Grid and e-Science curricula in Europe. The ETTF report has been a major European effort and has already been noted on the international level, e.g. in the Open Grid Forum (OGF).  

  • alt pdf file of this document  [ pdf ] (published on 8th of July 2008)

 Task Force on Sustainable e-Infrastructures 

The overall vision of this document:

“The linking of individual computers into increasingly complex networks has been
transforming the scientific enterprise for several decades. Networking has affected every aspect of research, including data gathering, sharing of large databases, brute-force computing, modelling and simulation, and publishing of preprints and papers.”