White Papers

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The e-IRG publishes regularly White Papers, each adding more focus and detail on how to make a healthy European e-Infrastructure come true. A White Paper provides the e-IRG vision on current important policy topics and directions in e-Infrastructures. It also provides recommendations.

e-IRG White Paper 2014

e-IRG initiated the White Paper 2014 as a document that provides advice, best practices and recommendations to the proposers for the next ESFRI Roadmap on questions related to e-Infrastructure needs. When working with the document, e-IRG has recognised that the document is not fully in line with the well-established e-IRG White Paper series of visionary documents. Also, e-IRG recognised that a new series of Guideline Documents is needed, and has therefore decided to rename the White Paper 2014 to  “e-IRG Guidelines Document – Best practices for the use of e-Infrastructures by large-scale research infrastructures“.

e-IRG White Paper 2013

The e-IRG White Paper 2013 addresses integration of services for research communities and interoperability and coordination of e-Infrastructures. Follow-up aspects are Open Science, data management, big data, cloud computing and legal issues that arise from the commercial use of e-Infrastructures.

Please find below also the long version and the comments received during the public consultation.

e-IRG White Paper 2011

White Paper 2009

  • pdf pdf file of this document [ pdf ]

Austrian white paper (2006)

  • pdf pdf file of this document [ pdf ]

Luxembourg white paper (2005)

  • pdf pdf file of this document [ pdf ]

The Hague white paper (2004)

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Dublin white paper (2004)

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Rome white paper (2003)

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Athens documents (2003)

  • Agenda, download: [ pdf pdf ]
  • Proceedings, download: [ pdf pdf]
  • Workshop report, download: [ pdf pdf]