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Upcoming e-IRG events Upcoming e-IRG events

  • e-IRG meeting: 16 February (Riga - already taken place)
  • e-IRG meeting: 2 June (Riga)
  • e-IRG workshop: 3 June (Riga)

Recent e-IRG events Recent e-IRG events

Meet us at Meet us at

You can meet e-IRG delegates or e-IRGSP4 representatives at the following events during the coming months.

Calendar on more e-infrastructure events, read more »

Recent past events:

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About e-IRG About e-IRG

The main objective of the e-Infrastructure initiative is to support the creation of a political, technological and administrative framework for an easy and cost-effective shared use of distributed electronic resources across Europe. Particular attention is directed towards grid computing, storage, and networking.

The e-Infrastructure Reflection Group was founded to define and recommend best practices for the pan-European electronic infrastructure efforts. It consists of official government delegates from all the EU countries. The e-IRG produces white papers, roadmaps and recommendations, and analyses the future foundations of the European Knowledge Society.

Important issues within the e-IRG are currently:

  • e-Infrastructures in European Commission's Horizon 2020 Programme
  • a policy for resource sharing
  • a registry/repository for European resources
  • coordination of new national and EU funding programs
  • better links and synergies between Europe and other regions (e.g. USA, Japan) engaged in similar activities
  • Collaboration with broader Research Infrastructures through ESFRI.
* The term e-Infrastructure refers to this new research environment in which all researchers - whether working in the context of their home institutions or in national or multinational scientific initiatives - have shared access to unique or distributed scientific facilities (including data, instruments, computing and communications), regardless of their type and location in the world.


News News

The new edition of the e-IRG newsletter is now available for download. Highlights include summaries of the e-IRG Workshops in Vilnius and Athens, and the joint e-IRG-ESFRI workshop; an overview of the update process for the ESFRI Roadmap 2016; summaries of the European Research e-Infrastructures and Innovation Clusters Workshop, the Third EUDAT Conference, and the Research Data Alliance Conference; news about the European charter for access to research infrastructures, and the creation of the new GÉANT Association; the presentation of six European exascale projects; and many more.

You can preview, consult and download the e-IRG newsletter at

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