Mission and Vision

e-IRG is a strategic body to facilitate integration in the area of European e-Infrastructures and connected services, within and between member states, at the European level and globally.

The mission of e-IRG is to support both coherent, innovative and strategic European e-Infrastructure policymaking and the development of convergent and sustainable e-Infrastructure services.


Sustain e-IRG as the leading European advisory body on e-Infrastructures.

To reach this objective:

  • e-IRG will act as an external and neutral advisory body being counterpart of reference by
    • producing strategic and policy reports, analyses and recommendations;
    • actively stimulating discussion with and between all stakeholder groups;
    • informing and influencing policy makers (regional, national, European and international) based on work carried out by e-IRG delegates;
    • obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the state of the art and progress in the field of e-Infrastructures;
    • promoting a user-driven and scientific excellence approach in e-Infrastructure policy making taking into account e-IRG Members’ recommendations and constraints;
    • advancing the European landscape of e-Infrastructures taking into account national roadmaps;
    • proposing objectives taking into account the landscape;
    • proposing synergies and future cooperation between projects and/or initiatives;
    • monitoring the impact of e-IRG recommendations in the European research infrastructure landscape.
  • e-IRG will continue its policy of independence and openness, providing opportunities for all stakeholders to debate their views, and offer perspectives, analyse and propose approaches and consolidate ways forward.

Maintain and further develop e-IRG in its role as the facilitator and stimulator of European e-infrastructure collaboration.
To reach this objective e-IRG will:

  • Facilitate the collaboration between all actors in the field of pan-European e-Infrastructures – networking, high-throughput and high-performance computing, and in particular data management and related processes and services.
  • Stimulate work and strongly facilitate the international coordination of e-Infrastructure activities and the presentation of all different components to users as integrated e-Infrastructure services.
  • Foster innovation in the data area, including stimulating the interaction between data producers (e.g. Research Infrastructures), e-Infrastructure providers and leading-edge users.
  • Cooperate with ESFRI, ESFRI RI projects and other pan-European research infrastructures, as well as with the long tail of science in the effect possible.

flag-eu e-IRGSP7 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Programme call HORIZON-INFRA-2021-DEV-01-05, Grant Agreement number 101057802.