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2015-11-30 Turkey to prepare itself for European Open Science Cloud - interview Mirat Satoglu Interview.

2015-11-02 Digital humanities' project CLARIAH is digitizing datasets to get new science out of them. Interview José van Dijck.

2015-07-06 Interview with Sergio Andreozzi - Moving up to an Open Science Commons.

2015-01-05 Interview with Arjen van Rijn - e-Infrastructure Commons initiative aims to organize efficient e-Infrastructures at a European level.

Video news 2014 Video news 2014

2015-01-05 Interview with Patrick Aerts - Platform for eScience and data research created at a European level.

2015-01-05 Interview with Wilco Hazeleger - The added value of the eScience Center is in its role as overarching platform. (And other videos from the Dutch eScience conference.

2014-06-01 Interview with David Wallom about the launch of the Federated Cloud as a production service

2014-04-16, Interview with Sverker Holmgren, Chair of the e-Infrastructure Reflection Group

2014-04-09Interview with Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General of DG Research and Innovation, EC

2014-04-08 Interview with Jean Gonnord, Vice President, ETP4HPC Platform,

2014-03-01 e-Infrastructures in Horizon 2020 - Interview with Thierry Van der Pyl