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e-IRG has recognised the demand for documents that provide advice, best practises and recommendations in various areas. The first e-IRG Guidelines Document was initiated as e-IRG White Paper 2014 but was renamed to a Guidelines document.

Sometimes the e-IRG reacts or collaborates on policy documents that other organisations are publishing.

The latest example is the  2016   Experiences of e-IRG involvement in ESFRI proposal evaluation .

You can find more on these documents in the Other Policy Documents Section.


A White Paper provides the e-IRG vision on current important policy topics and directions in e-Infrastructures. It also gives recommendations. There is a new White Paper published every 1-2 years.

The latest White Paper is the  e-IRG White Paper 2013.

For more information and the previous versions read the White Paper Section.

In most of its policy documents, including the White Paper, the e-IRG has a section with recommendations.

2013 Actual recommendations (collected in one document)

An overview of the e-IRG recommendations during the last decade is in the Recommendations section.

The e-IRG organises public workshops twice a year. You can find  more information (including programme and slides) in the Events section. For each workshop a public summary is written.

2015, June 3, Riga Workshop summary

Public summaries of Previous Workshops  in the Workshop Reports Section.

e-IRG Roadmaps provide recommendations and visions for how e-Infrastructures should and could be developed over the coming years.

The 2012 e-IRG Roadmap   is the current version.

The next version, the 2016 e-IRG Road Map is planned for Summer 2016.

The older versions can be found in the Roadmaps Section.


Blue Papers are like White Papers, but focusing more on one technology area than on e-Infrastructure in general.

The  2012 Blue Paper on Data Management is the most recent one.

A Summary Report of the Recommendations drawn from the Blue Paper on Data Management has been produced together with ESFRI.

More on Blue Papere in the Blue Papers Section.

Task forces are special working groups of the e-IRG that collect and write in-depth reports on specific e-Infrastructure topics.

The latest example is the report of the Overarching Working Group report: Experiences of e-IRG involvement in ESFRI proposal evaluation .

The e-IRG Task force on legal issues report  (2013-10-22) , is the most recent one.

Older Taks force reports can be found in the Task Force Reports Section.