Monday 3 December 2012

( Here is an introduction note to the track)

15.00 Fulvio Marelli (ESA) Harmonizing digital preservation policies for Earth Science data [ pdf ]
15.10 Kees Neggers How to govern an ecosystem? [ pdf ]
15.20 Francoise Genova Lessons learnt from building the International Virtual Observatory Alliance [ pdf ]
15.30 Jamie Shiers Harmonizing DP Policies for HEP Data [ pdf ]
15.40 Leif Laaksonen Research Data Alliance (RDA) Governance Model and Policies [ pdf ]
16.00 Coffee break  
16.30   Prepared Short Interventions and discussions





End 1st day of the workshop

18.00 hrs Boat trip (for registred people only) through the canals of Amsterdam + dinner ashore at Restaurant d'Vijff Vlieghen. Boat will return after dinner and arrives around 23.00 nearby the workshop location.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Tm1e Speaker Title
9.00 Various speakers Short WG Reports [ Governance Track ] [ Services Track ]
9.30 Norbert Meyer (PSNC) e-IRG Blue Paper on Data [ pdf ]
9.50   Discussion
10.30 Coffee Break  
11.00 Thierry van der Pyl (Director CONNECT/C, EC) Data is the currency of modern science

Panel: How to move ahead (Wouter Los, Chris Greer, Leif Laaksonen, Thierry van der Pyl and Andrew Treloar)

12.30 Peter Wittenburg, Gudmund Høst Conclusions and Wrap up
13.00 Lunch / End Workshop on Data Meeting  
14.00   Special Session on Policy Matters and eInfrastructures Governance Issues
(more detailed information to be announced soon)
16.00 End of Workshop